Senior's Winter Softball

Panama City Beach is hosting a Slow-pitch non-competitive softball for local & winter guest seniors, male or female, age 55+
Slow-pitch softball is the most common type of softball. The ball, which can measure either 11 or 12 inches in circumference, must arch on its path to the batter, and there are 10 players on the field at once.
Softball rules vary somewhat from those of baseball. Two major differences are that the ball must be pitched underhand and that seven innings instead of nine consecutive regulation game.
Despite the name, the ball used in softball is not very soft. It is about 12 in in circumference, which are 3 inches larger than a baseball. The infield in softball is smaller than on regular baseball; each base is 60 ft. from the next, as opposed to baseball's 90 ft. Also the infield in fast pitch softball does not have grass verses baseball at any level that does have grass.

 Frank Brown Park 
16200 Panama City Beach Pkwy
Panama City Beach, FL
Hosted By
 Frank Brown Park 
Event Information
December 7, 2016 - March 8, 2017
Recurring weekly on Wednesday
Time: 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Price: Free
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Front Beach Road project segment 2 scheduled to begin

Residents will be glad to learn that the long awaited improvement project running along Front Beach Road, was originally expected to begin last year, is scheduled to begin soon. The project delays are the result of permitting delays and changes in staff members. The project came back on track after the Panama City Beach City Council adopted the project in July. Improvements include the addition of landscaped medians, updated underground utilities, sidewalks, and transit lanes among other road improvements.
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Downtown Panama City Oktoberfest

This is a great fall festival hosted by the Downtown Improvement Board (DIB) which used to be hosted at the beginning of October, but has now been scheduled for  Saturday, 22 October from 2 – 7 PM. This is great craft beer tasting festival, along with food vendor, live music and more.

Don’t miss out, because this will be the only beer festival in the area this fall. Granted you’ll have to purchase General admission tickets, which include collectible tasting glass and unlimited samples of Craft beers, or upgrade to VIP admission which allows earlier entry with separate VIP are, VIP only tasting room, access to “American football” viewing  and a few other extras.

The current weather forecast for the event looks great, with sunny skies and average temperature in the mid 70’s, what else could you ask for in perfect weekend – Great beer, great weather!

Make sure you have designated driver, and be safe.
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A look at Panama City Beach condo sales

Condo sales prices throughout Panama City Beach have increased at a slower pace. There have been consecutive years of price increases: 10.6 percent, 10.4 percent and 7.0 percent for 2013, 2014 and 2015, respectively. But 2016 Panama City Beach condo sales prices have yet to improve on the trend with prices being down approximately 1.8 percent. Individually, floor and building plans have been disappointing.

Since 2001, average condo sales prices per square foot constructed is off 2.2 percent for the year.

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Panama City Beach Labeled "Wreck Diving Capital of the South"

Panama City Beach offers a laundry list of excellent dive sites for novice to experienced divers. Panama City Beach has long been known as the most popular place for diving in North Florida and is 2nd only to the Florida Keys as the most visited dive destination in the state. Skin Diver magazine labeled Panama City Beach as the “Wreck Diving Capital of the South”.
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Panama City Beach Vacations

Panama City Beach is a gorgeous vacation hot spot, offering plenty of sunshine, 27 miles of pristine beach views, and warm ocean waves. The water is emerald-green and the sand is white, producing gorgeous postcard photographs. In addition to its natural beauty you will find family friendly attractions, restaurants to rave about, and beach activities to keep you busy in the sun well into the evening. 
There is something for everyone to enjoy in Panama City Beach. There are water sports and eco-excursions for the adventurous, including sailing, fishing, jet skiing, diving, and swimming with dolphins. Try a helicopter tour or visit a water park with the kids. There is plenty of shopping at locally owned boutiques and Pier Park, an outdoor mall. An array of the best restaurants to choose from awaits you at mealtimes. A thrilling nightlife at clubs and bars awaits those who just want to party. There are spas for relaxing with friends or savoring a romantic afternoon. There are also countless local annual events to plan a trip around. This diversity makes for a fantastic destination wedding. Have all your friends and family join you for a romantic, picture perfect beach wedding, then allow them to explore all this city has to offer. You and your loved ones will want to come back year after year!

Panama City Beach is a popular spring break destination, attracting thousands of young adults
during March and April. It's an excellent place to let go of stress and make the most of time with friends. Spend the day tanning, take a walk through the outdoor mall, then spend the night out on the town, enjoying drinks and dancing.  

Plan your next vacation or event to this rich city and find your perfect Panama City Beach Condo Rentals. Feel life slow down and your everyday cares fade, as you soak up the Florida sun and enjoy sandy beaches and sparkling green waters. Relax, have fun, and create memories that will last a lifetime!
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